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Code of Ethics

Code of ethics

Now that by the will of God, the Blessed and Exalted, we have cooperated with each other and to achieve the goal in the serious matter that has been undertaken, always remember that the goal of all is the same, and that is success in serving Creation and livelihood. The life and livelihood of human beings will pass according to the way that God’s providence and destiny has determined, and sooner or later we will all leave this world to others. Blessed are those who, in this short period of life, while trying to earn a living, also do a service to their kind. Your and our effort in this institution is to provide this purpose and the final result is the treatment of the patients and the relief of the sufferings. We, who are older than you and have tasted the bitterness and sweetness of the times, know the secret of success in following the following principles:

First, faith in the holy nature of the Almighty Lord, that nothing can be established without His providence.

Second, there is a sense of responsibility, sincerity, and compassion in the work, with self-confidence and vigilance, you can reveal your God-given talent and make everyone interested in you.

Third, truth and honesty and trust are involved. Ever since the civilized man works collectively to achieve a common goal, he has made order and correctness of action his motto and has avoided any action that causes the effort of others to be wasted, and it should be known that negligence in work is possible. It has caused irreparable losses and endangers the health and possibly existence of others.

The fourth is cleanliness. Don’t think that paying attention to it is one of the manifestations of modern civilization, but our elders have continuously praised it and guided their followers to purity of body and mind, and today, when the new civilization has caused a group to work together, paying attention to cleanliness is more important. It is necessary in advance, especially in production work, which is based on cleanliness and hygiene.

The fifth is kindness to subordinates and respect to employers. Those who work under your supervision have a personality, let them reveal their talent and initiative in the progress of the work, and those who give you orders are more experienced and competent. Benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Sixth, confidentiality is involved. Although there is no hidden secret in this institution and what is done is exposed to insight, but it is possible that if an effort is revealed before reaching the goal, the desired result will not be achieved and the collective efforts will be trampled.
Dear workers and employees; My children, the workshop where you work is like your home. Try to keep your house well and observe order and order and do not obey the rules and do not impose on others what you do not like for yourself.
Now that you are taking a step at the beginning of the work by the will of God alone, I wish you and this system health, happiness and success from the door of unity.