Improve Life Quality


The approach of the educational unit

The training unit of Shafa Health Pharmaceutical Laboratories Company with a new approach in training courses in the pharmaceutical industry with updated topics, is on the way to training its personnel at various levels of deputy, management, heads, supervisors, experts, headquarters employees and workers in the production department (tablets). , capsule and packaging) to familiarize its personnel with the latest achievements of new technology through continuous on-the-job training in order to achieve the high and long-term goals of the company. Among the trainings of this unit will be continuous training (G-M-P) for all company personnel.

GMP training

In line with its long-term goals of improving the scientific level of employees and periodically reminding the requirements of the Food and Drug Organization of the country, the training unit of Shafa Pharmaceutical Company, from 20 to 21 May 1997, with the presence of professor Dr. Amir Mehdizadeh as a course instructor at the factory Conducted the course (G-M-P). In this regard, all employees of the production, technical and engineering units, warehouses, quality control laboratory and quality assurance unit, information technology and related groups at 4 levels (labourer – supervisor – bachelor – managers) were subjected to formal training.

Implementation of the seven habits course that every successful person has

This course was held on 05/17/2017 in order to increase the productivity of the company’s managers by the manager of the training unit Mr. Engineer Hemti. In this two-hour training, all managers participated with positive energy in a two-way interaction and expressed their opinions regarding the details of the training title.