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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Shafa health pharmaceutical company operates as a link in the health chain with more than half a century of activity. In order to achieve organizational excellence and obtain a GMP certificate from the Food and Drug Organization, in order to improve the quality of the services provided, this company has established quality management systems (ISO 9001:2008), occupational health and safety management (OHSAS 18001:2007) has put environmental (ISO 14001:2004) on its agenda with the following headings:

– Continuous improvement of the quality of manufactured products by using the latest technical knowledge of the world

– Satisfying stakeholders by identifying their expectations and meeting their needs

– Commitment to prevent and reduce environmental pollution and optimal management of energy and resource consumption

– Continuous improvement in all processes of the organization in order to improve productivity

– Improving the scientific and experimental capabilities of human resources

– Efforts to maintain and improve the level of health and safety of employees through identifying and effectively eliminating risks in the workplace

– Increasing the availability and availability of products through the expansion of marketing activities, sales and the application of customer expectations
It is our heartfelt belief that achieving the desired results in the mentioned areas is not possible except in the shadow of cooperation, empathy and participation of all employees, therefore we expect all colleagues to understand the above-mentioned matters and continuously show themselves towards They are committed to continuous and effective improvement of this system.


Chairman of the Board

Dr. Mohammad Dadgar