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The powerful presence of Shafa jury in the sixth Iran Pharma 1400 exhibition

Simultaneously with Tehran’s departure from the red status, in October 1400, the 6th Iran Pharma specialized exhibition was held as the first safe exhibition of the pharmaceutical industry after the Corona epidemic. Shafa Pharmaceutical Company, with more than half a century of brilliant history in Iran’s pharmaceutical industry, was welcomed by visitors as one of the most important participants and was able to unveil its latest valuable achievements.

The presence of Shafa Pharmaceutical Company in the 5th International Conference and the 7th National Conference on Gland and Metabolism Updates from November 29 to December 1, 1998 at the scientific conference center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Once again, with the aim of introducing its anti-diabetic products, Shafa Pharmaceutical Company was able to introduce its products by establishing a strong two-way relationship with 550 endocrinology and metabolism specialists from all over the country and introduce this group of the medical community to its latest achievements. It is hoped that in the near future we will introduce new products from the category of antidiabetic drugs to the medical community and dear patients.

The fifth Iran Pharma International Exhibition 2019

Shafa pharmaceutical and health laboratory company this year with indescribable motivation and vitality and double energy in both pharmaceutical and health sectors by presenting its latest products to the pharmaceutical and medical community showed an active and extensive presence. In this period, Shafa company introduced its products with an experienced team and using the latest modern marketing technology, according to the experiences of the past years at the Iran Pharma exhibition, and in this process, it was able to gain the opinion of many esteemed domestic and foreign visitors. to attract It is hoped that in line with the 5-year strategic plan of design and development, we will see significant progress from the hard-working Shafa family in the coming year.

The strong presence of Shafa Health Pharmaceutical Company in the second international Naqsh Jahan Congress in Isfahan August-September 1998

This conference was held in Abbasi Hotel in the historical city of Isfahan with the presence of more than 1500 dentists in various specialties and also 40 top companies in the field of dental equipment. In this congress, Shafa company, with the famous brand name Irsha, once again emphasized the leadership of this product in its quality and therapeutic diversity, and the dental community confirmed the uniqueness of this product in the dental industry.

The first conference honoring successful figures in the field of industry and trade in Alborz province (10 February 1997)

In line with the development of management and national authority in the year of supporting Iranian production, Shafa Pharmaceutical and Health Laboratory Company was awarded the statue of this conference.

We congratulate the Shafa family on this success.

public relations of Shafa company

Iranian Dentists’ Association visited the health unit in Shadabad on December 8, 1997

For the first time, Shafa Pharmaceutical and Health Company has hosted the dentists’ association in the health unit. During this visit, Mr. Dr. Tajernia (respectable Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Dentists Association) along with other colleagues and students in this field, directly supervised all stages of Irsha mouthwash production (laboratory – production – packaging – warehouse).

One of the important achievements of this visit, along with the introduction of 11 types of Irsha mouthwashes, which are specialized guarantors of the health and oral health of the people of the society, whose influence is not hidden from anyone today, along with the presentation of relevant documents and tests with confirmation Food and Drug Deputy and ISO 9001 international quality control and halal certification of the Islamic Republic of Iran were welcomed that these dignitaries evaluated Irsha’s 30-year-old mouthwashes with high quality and comparable to similar foreign samples and at the same time Approval of products called for the production and support of these products as much as possible in the market.

The 4th International Exhibition of Iran Pharma (Drugs and Related Industries) 2nd to 4th October 1997 Mosli Tehran

Shafa Pharmaceutical and Health Laboratory Company participated in the 4th Iran Pharma International Exhibition, which was welcomed by the visitors. One of the important achievements of this presence, which was targeted in advance, was a very good relationship with companies that supply raw materials and packaging items, as well as new export agents that can bring valuable results to Shafa company. It is hoped that by taking into account the lofty goals of the company, with a strong and active presence in future exhibitions and seminars, we will be able to draw a new horizon beyond Shafa company in terms of getting to know as many contacts as possible and improving the position of Shafa company in the pharmaceutical industry of Aziz Zaman Iran.