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“I have instructed my officials to do whatever it takes to make sure that construction product manufacturers are held to account through the powers that I am establishing in the Building Safety Bill. My new recovery unit will pursue firms that have failed to do the right thing, including through the courts. I will consider carefully how to use other powers at my disposal to make sure that there are significant commercial and reputational consequences for those firms that have not stepped up.”

The CPA’s initial response seeks to exculpate both the organisation and its membersship. To paraphrase, it basically says “we helped with the Hackitt review, have contributed to other working groups and initiatives and we’ve developed the Code for Construction Product Information to curtail lying, so we can’t be bad guys, but we won’t put our hands in our pockets”.

The CPA says that it is easier for house-builders to agree to a scheme because “their direct connectivity with their buildings is far more manageable than that for product manufacturers that will be at the end of a long supply chain”.

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